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Indian Startup Awards

An unparalleled celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and success

Craft Your Narrative

Craft your narrative with precision and win big at the Indian Startup Awards. Let your story shine amidst innovation!

Unleash Investment Oppourtunity

Dive into a sea of investment prospects at the Indian Startup Awards. Let your innovation captivate investors, turning dreams into tangible success stories.

Navigate International Expansion

Chart your course for global expansion at the Indian Startup Awards. Access resources, mentorship, and networking to navigate the complexities of international growth with confidence and expertise.

who can participate

The Indian Startup Awards are open to all Indian companies, regardless of size or category.

Whether you're a budding startup or an established industry player, this is your chance to shine on a national stage. Prepare to be part of an electrifying event as we gather to honour the brightest minds and boldest ventures at the Indian Startup Awards 2024.

Connecting Businesses, Ideas, and People for greater impact

This exclusive gala brings together 100 leading entrepreneurs from every corner of India, showcasing their ingenuity and dedication to making a difference.

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Startups to be Recognized

Why Participate

Join the Indian Startup Awards 2024 and be part of a transformational journey in developing solutions for the future. Unleash your innovation, connect with industry leaders, and showcase how your startup is at the forefront of solutions that will shape tomorrow’s landscape. Grab the opportunity to make a lasting impact at this major event for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Embrace the chance to propel your venture to new heights through the Indian Startup Awards 2024. Dive into a world of opportunity where you can.

Franchise Opportunities

For businesses with a suitable model, explore potential franchise partnerships and take your company to new heights.

Exposure to Industry Leaders

Gain valuable insights and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and personalities, helping you navigate the complexities of the startup world.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with potential investors, partners, and mentors at the event, fostering collaborations that could shape the future of your startup.

Video Presentation

Present your business in a captivating 1-minute video to attract investors and partners.


Special Appearance by the Ministry of India

The presence of the Ministry of India at the Indian Startup Awards adds a layer of prestige to the event, offering participating companies unique advantages.

The ministry’s attendance showcases government support for startups, attracting wider public and investor attention to your venture. 

Engage with the ministry for valuable insights into upcoming government initiatives or policies related to startups and innovation.

Attending the event with the ministry provides a unique chance to network with government officials and decision-makers, opening doors for collaboration.


Financial Support and International Market Expansion Opportunities

Connect with financial institutions offering specialized services for startups, simplifying access to loans and credit facilities.

Expose your company to venture capitalists, angel investors, and other funding sources, increasing the likelihood of securing investment.Connect with financial institutions offering specialized services for startups, simplifying access to loans and credit facilities.


international markets

Access resources and connections to help your company break into international markets, unlocking new growth opportunities.

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